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These pages contains everything you need to start trading сryptocurrency with Cryptuoso Platform.

What is Cryptuoso?

Cryptuoso is a cryptocurrency trading solution. Cryptuoso provides automated trading robots built on carefully tested and manually selected trading algorithms. Trading robots make money on both rising and falling cryptocurrency price movements. The more volatile market – the more opportunities for robots. Robots instantly respond to cryptocurrency market fluctuations and generate trading signals that are safely transmitted to the сryptocurrency exchange on your behalf.

How can I use it?

Receive Signals

You can use Cryptuoso robot signals as indicators in your trading and make your trades manually. You will be able to view the approximate statistics of your trade with signals in your account.

Automatic Trading

Attach you cryptocurrency exchange account (Binance Futures, Bitfinex, Kraken) to our robots for automatic trading. Robots automatically execute all deals for you, so you only need to keep track of the current positions and your trading performance.

Cryptuoso Trading is available by Web App and Telegram Bot @cryptuoso_bot.

Cryptuoso Mobile Apps will be available soon.

First steps

  1. Learn about automated сryptocurrency trading with Cryptuoso Robots
  2. Learn about manual сryptocurrency trading with Cryptuoso Signals
  3. Learn how to create and configure сryptocurrency exchange API Keys with your Cryptuoso Account


If you have any questions or issues with Cryptuoso Platform learn how to contact us here