Signals (Manual Trading)

⚠️ Use all signals and robots at your own risk. ⚠️

Be careful with trading size and remember that the more profit you want to take the more loss you can get.
One of the key things is not to hurry with increasing trading size.
Try to diversify your trading using different strategies or coins.

What is signal robot?

Signal robot is an algoritm that analyzes the current situation on the market and generates trading signals.

What is signal?

Signal is a recommendation to buy or sell currency at determined price. Our signal robots will give you the signal when it is better to open and close position and what position to take. You just need to follow the recommendation of signal robots. All signals based on algorithms that tested on history and work in real-time more than 2 years. You can study the results of each signal robot.

How can I use it?

The signals go out once or 3 times a day at the same time so it’s easy to follow manually. Just repeat the orders (buy, sell or stop/limit orders).
It’s important to place an order in advance, because you can skip the necessary moment.

You can use signals in 2 different ways:

  • Choose the signal robots you want and manualy follow the recommendations on your crypto excahnge.
  • Use the signals as additional filter to you own crypto trading system.

What are the advantages of using a signal robots compared to manual trading?

  • Signal robots not experiencing emotions and strictly following the algorithm.
  • Trading is conducted on tested conditions with a predictable result.
  • Trading with signal robots is simple to use for beginers and non-professional traders.

What exchanges are supported?

Cryptuoso Platform supports:

⚠️ Although the list of supported exchanges is limited. You can use signals at any exchange you want. Notice the possible difference in prices on different exchanges. You can find the list of all popular exchanges here.

Your favorite exchange is not supported yet? Let us know about your prefered exchange and we will prioritize it in our coming soon list!

How to choose a signal robot to follow?

You can select signal robots by:

  • exchange (Bitfinex, Kraken, ...)
  • currency pair (BTC/USD, ETH/USDT, ...)
  • strategy and parameters (BR-1, CHAN-3, ...)
  • timeframe (8 hour, 1 day, ...)

Signal robots have different performance and this performance can change from time to time.

Signal robot's 📉 Public Statistics section describes current robot performance in detail.

You can search signal robots by exchange and currency pair in 🚦 Signals / 🔎 Search Signals section.

Or choose one from the list of top 10 signal robots that perform better results at the moment in 🚦 Signals / 🏆 Top Performance Signal Robots section. Please note that it doesn't mean that you should use only these signal robots, because this list only reflects the current market situation. In a few weeks there can be another signal robots in the top performance.

How to understand robot's statistics?

Net Profit - the total dollar profit generated.
Number of Trades - the total number of trades.
Avg Profit (Loss) - the average profit (loss) per trade.
Avg Bars Held - the average number of bars held per trade.
Win (Loss) Rate - the percentage of all trades that were marked winners (losers).
Gross Profit (Loss) - the total profit generated by the winning trades, and the total loss generated by the losing trades.
Max Consecutive - the maximum number of consecutive winners and losers generated.
Maximum Drawdown - the greatest peak to valley decline in the equity.
Profit Factor - the absolute value of the gross profit divided by the gross loss.
Recovery Factor - the absolute value of the total net profit divided by its maximum drawdown.
Payoff Ratio - the average percentage profit per trade divided by the average percentage loss per trade.

How to calculate the volume for trading?

To calculate your trading volume use this simple formula:

your trading balance / number of robots = trading volume for one robot

For example, you have an account with balance 1000 $ and you want to subscribe on 10 robots,

so 1000 $ / 10 = 100 $ for each robot

Of course, you can allocate more volume to one robot than to another, but in total you should not exceed the size of your funds.

Ok, you want the robot to trade 100 $. Just divide 100 $ on desired cryptocurrency price and you will get the volume for robot to trade.

For example 1 ETH is worth 200 $.

So your trading volume for ETH/USD robot will be 100 $ / 200 $ = 0.5 ETH.

Just enter the received volume while subscribing to new signal robot and you can start trading by following signals.

How to subscribe on signals in our Web App?

  1. Go to Web App and login into your account.
  2. Choose one of our robots in Signals Search page.
  3. Tap Follow button.
  4. Enter desired cryptocurrency trading volume.
  5. You will be notified about all trading signals from this signal robot.

How to subscribe on signals in our Telegram bot?

  1. Open our telegram bot @cryptuoso_bot
  2. Choose one of our robots in 🚦 Signals / 🔎 Search Signals or 🚦 Signals / 🏆 Top Performance Signal Robots sections.
  3. Tap 🚥 Subscribe to Signals button.
  4. Enter desired cryptocurrency trading volume.
  5. You will be notified about all trading signals from this signal robot.

Add Robot

How often the signals appear?

  • The robots with “8h” in name have maximum 3 signals a day (every 8 hours).
  • The robots with “1d” in name have maximum 1 signal per day.

What is Long/Short?

Long is when we buy cryptocurrency and hope that it’s price will rise. So we will sell it at higher price and get a profit.
Short is when we sell cryptocurrency (and we didn’t buy it before) and hope that it’s price will fall. So we buy it back at lower price and realize a profit.

How to understand signals and what to do?

There are 2 type of messages:

  • 🚨 New Signal! means the price at which you should make the trade in the future.
    The signals can be both for opening and closing the position. You can just place the stop order at this price and wait for it execution or new next signal.

When next signal is appeared and previous order is not executed - cancel previous order and create a new one.

  • 🚨✅ New Signal Trade! means the buy/sell market trade. If you see in 🚨✅ New Signal Trade! only entry (Entry: SELL ⬇️ (Short 🔴) or Entry: BUY ⬆️ (Long ✳️) - it means that robot opened new position.
    For copy this action you just need to buy or sell at the same price.
    If you also see in "New Trade" exit (Exit: SELL ⬇️ (Close Long ✳️) or Exit: BUY ⬆️ (Close Short 🔴) - it means that robot closed the position. You should do the same. Also if there was 🚨 New Signal! with Stop ⛔ order type and same position code before the 🚨✅ New Signal Trade! just confirms that that signal was successfullY completed. You don't need to create a new market order for it.

What does stop order mean and how to use it?

A stop order is used to trigger a market sell when the market drops to your trigger (stop) price, or used to trigger a market buy if the market rises to your trigger (stop) price.

It's better to read the FAQ on your exchange about order types and how to use them.

Example for Bitfinex: We have the signal:

Action: BUY ⬆️ (Long ✳️)

Order type: Stop

Signal time: 2019-10-16 08:00 UTC

Price: 3.0687

What should you do:

  1. Open Bitfinex terminal.
  2. Choose the required cryptocurrency in Tickers window.
  3. Then under the Tickers window you have Order form.
  4. Choose margin, then stop order.
  5. In the field stop price place the price from the signal (3.0687). In the field amount choose the amount of cryptocurrency you want to trade.
  6. Click Margin Buy cause we have in signal “Action: BUY”. In the middle you will have the window Orders where you will see this order. You can cancel or modify this orders with the buttons on the right.

On Kraken you should go to New order window, then choose advanced. The fields are the same. But on Kraken you need to choose the leverage for margin trading.

Every exchange has a bit different interface for creating orders and trading so you should learn the user manual of your exchange.

Signals Statistics

We offer 2 types of statistics:

  1. 📉 Public Statistics.
    It's the statistics based on all signal robot's trades from the moment we launch it.
  2. 📈 My Statistics.
    This statistics based on robot's trades from the moment you subscribed to it.

Total Performance

🚦 Signals / 📊 My Total Performance shows the overall statistics for all signal robots from the moment of start.
Total Performance

How to change trading volume if I already subscribed in Web App?

  1. Open Signals page and choose the signal robot you want.
  2. Press Change Volume button.
  3. Enter desired trading volume.
  4. Note that your previous statistics will be also recalculated.

How to change trading volume if I already subscribed in Telegram Bot?

  1. Open 🏠 Main Menu / 🚦 Signals / 🚥 My Signals / and choose the signal robot you want.
  2. Press ⚙️ Change Volume.
  3. Enter desired trading volume.
  4. Note that your previous statistics will be also recalculated.

change volume

I don't want to recieve notifications about signals in Telegram

You can disable notification in ⚙️ Settings by tapping 🚦 Turn Telegram signals notifications OFF 🔕. Notifications
⚠️ If you turn signals notifications OFF you will not receive any messages about signals from ALL SIGNALS ROBOTS!